EVES NZ Paddle Boarding Nationals

Race with NZ's Best!

Mt Maunganui Beach has become the home of paddle boarding in New Zealand, with the ideal conditions for both competitive and social paddle boarding. 

This section of our event involves a challenging competition between athletes in the New Zealand Paddle Boarding Nationals. It focuses on the sport but there are many opportunities for the public to get involved physically as well. So whether you enjoy watching sport or taking part, there’s something here for everyone.

If you are here to compete, Waterbourne will host three categories; Sprint, Distance, and Technical Championships. Take part in one category or why not all three! Epic races will take place between athletes to win. 

The race notice and schedules can be found below.

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3 Months of Free Ice Cream

Thanks to our amazing partners at Tip Top, there is 3 months worth of ice cream up for grabs during the paddle ninja games. All you need to do is be the top male, female or youth racer... 

If you are unsure, give it a try as from our experience, its surprising who does well through this pinnacle paddle boarding challenge.