Time to build New Zealands biggest sand castle!

The Popsicle sandcastle building competition on Mt Maunganui beach calls for extreme creations, beautiful structures and people of all ages. It will be split into two categories, the adults section and the children's section. Both will run at the same time on Sunday the 5th of March, and although for the children it will be fun based, the adults castles will be judged more closely with a prize up for grabs from Tip Top.

Enter Solo Or Enter A Team

For both children and adults you may enter by yourself or as a team of up to eight members. Solo registrations and teams will be versing each other and will not be separated. Register below!


Judging criteria

We are looking for some of the most creative and Kiwiana themed sandcastles, where our judges will be basing sandcastles on the following criteria.

  • How Kiwiana the design is
  • As high as possible...
  • Creative incorporation of the Waterbourne logo

Castles which incorporate the following will get extra points

  • Ice Cream or ice blocks
  • Perspective design
  • Somehow promotes sustainability

Win Tip Top Ice Cream!

We have some amazing prizes up for grabs thanks to Tip Top, so make sure you register for New Zealands biggest sand castle competition! The prizes available are;

  • Best Team Winner (3months - where a team of 8 could get 1.5 weeks each - 12weeks divided by 8)
  • Most Creative Team (1month)
  • Best ice cream inspired design (1month)
Popsicle Sand Castle Competiton