A Wet & Windy Beach Festival

Mar 21, 2019

A Wet & Windy Beach Festival

Waterbourne 2019 kicked off at Eastbourne with more then 40 athletes ready for a full weekend. Each day was offering different conditions including rain, wind and sunshine!

Waterbourne hosted a range of world class athletes across each sport including both local super stars and international professionals. Kitesurfing vice world champion Marc Jacobs (NZ), demonstrated why he is in a league of his own, with a huge show for everyone at the beach watching! Competitors put everything on the line including mega loops to board offs.

Following the action down the beach, spectators could also watch the windsurfing where international professionals Fred Morin (Tahiti) and Olympian Casper Bouman (Holland) demonstrating all the latest toys. From foiling to slalom, there was something for everyone with competitors of all levels trying the latest foils from AXIS and J-Shapes Foils.

This years event attracted athletes from all over New Zealand, where the majority of competitors came from Auckland promising competitors a weekend to remember. With a mixture of conditions, everyone left the beach with a smile as we completed a result for each element of the festival.

The Waterbourne beach bar was filled with live music each day, ensuring spectators could enjoy drinks and food on the beach as they saw New Zealands best water sport athletes put on a show. Saturday night set the scene for the weekend with international performers Boo Seeka and P Digsss headlining the night, with 550 tickets sold! The marquee filled quickly, taking Eastbourne to a whole new height!

Paddle Boarders had been waiting for months to see the ninja games in action, where the wait had finally come to an end. Entrants came from all over New Zealand to see the course in action where Saturday provided the ideal window to get on the water.

All ages were welcome with both kids and adults demonstrating their skills as they crashed their way through the obstacle course. Some teams decided it would be best to go in couples while others prefered to use their pets as a means to ensure no-one crashed into them… regardless everyone spent time in the water, finishing the day with a smile.