Windsurfing Wellington

Wellington has always been the home of windsurfing in New Zealand, hosting countless wave, freestyle and slalom events. Whether you are looking to have a blast with friends or get the adrenaline pumping with the best, Waterbourne will surpass expectations and bring your windsurfing to a whole new level. The fresh green grass at the event site has a lot to offer with live music on the beach to on the water action each day.

And don’t forget, with your registration you get FREE entry to the Waterbourne Beach Party!


Ocean Clash

The almighty clash of the wind and wave lovers! The Waterbourne Ocean Clash settles all the past conflicts of who is the fastest as windsurfers, kitesurfers, and stand up paddle boarders all take on the elements in one race. Each discipline has a handicap where windsurfers of all levels have a chance to win the race.

How good at windsurfing do I need to be? Windsurfers of all levels take part in the Ocean Clash, where we recommend you can gybe and sail in strong winds. The conditions can change quickly in Wellington harbour and it is important you are confident windsurfing by yourself.

Wellington provides two prevailing winds, a north-westerly and a southerly. This provides the ideal conditions, where windsurfers will start from Eastbourne or Petone depending on the direction. Whats the water like with each direction?

  • Southerly - Rolling Swells

  • Northerly - Flat/Choppy water


Windsurfing Weekend with Friends

If you are looking to have fun with friends and enjoy some of New Zealand’s most unique conditions, then Waterbourne has you covered. With competitors traveling from all over New Zealand to take part, competitors have the opportunity to meet windsurfers of all levels.

How windy is wellington in March?

  • 70% of days are 15knots or more

  • The most common direction is a northerly

Each day there will be live music from 10am with tasty food and drinks for the whole family to enjoy. As the day builds, there will be a beach party each night with musicians from New Zealand and Australia.



Eastbourne provides the ideal conditions for fun, challenging windsurf racing. With an open beach and cross shore winds, this is an ideal wellington location to enjoy winds from all directions. Whether you are looking to freeride, foil or slalom race, Waterbourne ensures you can make the most of the conditions.

But I haven’t raced before?

That is no problem, Waterbourne provides a friendly environment to encourage everyone of all levels to go windsurfing and learn how to race. If you are looking to blast around with friends, then come down and get amongst the action with people from all over New Zealand.

If you would like to no more about the rule, then have a look at the windsurfing Notice of Race.




Friday 08 March 2019

0900-1030 Onsite entry pack and event registration

1030-1045 - Briefing

1100-1630 Slalom Racing (first possible race 1100)

1700-1830 Blast/Long Distance – Open to all wind powered vessels (includes yachts) - Figure 8 or Long Slalom Course

1630-2100 - Beach Party

Saturday 09 March 2019

1000-1015 - Ocean Clash Briefing (at start venue)

1030-1200 - Ocean Clash

1215-1300 - Freestyle Demonstration

1245-1300 - Race Briefing

1315-1800 - Racing – mixed format (Slalom, Beach Starts, Figure 8 etc)

1800-1830 - Ocean Clash Prize Giving

1830-2230 - Beach Party


Sunday 10 March 2019

Reserve Day for Ocean Clash (see timings above)

1030-1045 - Race Briefing

1100-1400 - Racing – mixed format (Slalom, Beach Starts, Figure 8 etc)

1500 Final Prize Giving


FREE Gear Transport

Its all on again thanks to the amazing support of KiwiRail, where competitors will be able to have their equipment sent from Auckland and Christchurch to the event site! All you need to do is drop off your equipment, jump on a flight and your gear will be sitting waiting for you on the beach.

Drop off dates (to Wellington)

  • Auckland - March 5th

  • Christchurch - March 4th

Delivery home (from Wellington)

  • Auckland - March 13th

  • Christchurch - March 14th

How many bags can I send? The first 25 windsurfers will be able to send two boards and three sails in the container, which is all included in your entry fee!