Surf Life Saving

What is Surf Life Saving doing at Waterbourne

We’ve teamed up with Surf Life Saving to ensure everyone is kept safe and to create opportunities for the public to learn more about beach safety. Surf Life Saving NZ will have a range of opportunities for the public to watch and take part in these include Surf Life Saving displays where the crew displays the latest lifesaving and rescue techniques and technology, Surf Life Saving training opportunities where participants can try Surf Life Saving in a safe environment, beach safety opportunities which is a practical and theoretical program that teaches you how to be safer near and in the water, and surf sport display where the top athletes will be performing in the sand and sea.

Surf Sport have a go sessions

Surf Life Saving will also be offering the opportunity for Surf Sport have a go sessions. This opportunity is for ages 10 to 100, so all are welcome to come and participate. Surf Life Saving is providing opportunities to all New Zealanders to get involved in the exciting world of surf sports. You can also go down to your local Surf Life Saving club and join in there. For those that want to take the plunge and get involved in the Surf Life Saving sports on offer bring your togs and take part in the tutorials and have a go play sessions on and off the water.

City Nippers engagements

City Nippers is a water safety programme packed with all the things your family loves about the NZ summer. City Nippers is a dynamic and interactive programme for children. The programme is delivered by Surf Lifeguards who provide surf safety and beach awareness to young kids aged 5 to 11 years old. This will help kids gain more confidence in and around the water, the programme aims to introduce children to the open waters in a safe environment so they can enjoy the beautiful beaches New Zealand has to offer.