Water Safety Course

Keeping our Kiwi whanau safe in the water.

Our goal at Waterbourne is to not only provide a great beach and water experience, but to ensure the public can enjoy the ocean safely. This is why we have partnered with Water Safety New Zealand and Drowning Prevention Auckland to increase the water skills of both adults and youth.

What we do

The Water Safety Circuits will help to increase the young people’s understanding, knowledge and competence in, on and around the water. The activities will be safe, fun and enjoyable so learning can take place. There will be an element of experiential learning at each station and reflection on learning outcomes.

We have water safety courses available for both school students and adults. If you are wanting to have a fun corporate day in the water, don't hesitate to contact us and we can create a unique day for you to make sure your friends/colleagues are safe this summer.

Our learning outcomes

The lifejacket station outcomes:

  • This would be an experiential experience for participants.
  • Understanding the level of buoyancy, the lifejacket offers
  • How to correctly fit and size a lifejacket
  • Understanding survival positions HELP, Huddle to maintain warmth in the water in a survival situation.

4R’s station outcomes:

  • How to recognise someone in distress in the water
  • To understand how to respond and rescue others without compromising your own safety.
  • To understand the basic life support plan regarding basic 1st aid.

Waka, Paddle board and kayak stations outcomes:

  • To increase the knowledge and understanding around open water, weather, wind, swell and pre planning.
  • To understand the correct equipment worn and used while paddling and why. 
  • Increased competence and technique while paddling.
  • Understanding what to do in the craft capsizes and how to re-board.