Paddle Boarding Wellington

Eastbourne provides the ideal conditions to keep riders and spectators entertained. With gentle rolling swell to rough sea chop, there is always something exciting going on. Whether you are looking to be apart of the fun Ninja Games or the get amongst the professional athletes in the Ocean Clash, all levels are welcome.


Waterbourne Ninja Games

Have you always wanted to race your friends, but make it a bit more exciting... Well this year we have a new feature called the ninja games! This is where six paddle boarders will race around an obstacle course with the hope to be crowned the ultimate paddle boarding ninja.

An active lifestyle is great for the mind, body and soul where all ninja entries will contribute to Movember. Entrants will also have the opportunity to continue fundraising through Movember's website.

How to become a powerful ninja

  • Have a moustache (any face fluff is encouraged)

  • 12 years +

  • Competent swimmer


Learn to Paddle Board

With the newest paddle boards on offer, come down and enjoy free lessons from the experts! Our awesome team of volunteers will help you get out and enjoy the water safely with hot tips.

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We believe in encouraging development and demonstrating the highest level of paddle boarding! Waterbourne attracts the worlds best athletes, whilst encouraging people of all ages to try our amazing water sport.

Whether you have an inflatable or a race board, come down and join the fun on the water.


FREE Gear Transport

Whether you are coming from the deep south or the far north, New Zealand paddle boarders will be able to take advantage of FREE gear transport thanks to KiwiRail.

All paddle boarders need to do is take their equipment to the local drop off location (Auckland or Christchurch) and then arrive at the event site where their equipment will be waiting.

Drop off dates (to Wellington)

  • Auckland - March 5th

  • Christchurch - March 4th

    Delivery home (from Wellington)

  • Auckland - March 13th

  • Christchurch - March 14th

How many bags can I send? The first 20 paddle boarders from each location will be able to send one board which is all included in your entry fee!