Paddle Board Ninja Games



Do you have what it takes…

A true ninja doesn’t let the elements stop him from succeeding! This year Waterbourne will host the first ever paddle boarding Ninja Games, where athletes will make their way through a course and be crowned the ultimate ninja. After years of training, focus and preparation, Waterbourne will thank every ninja by donating $5 to Movember.

Why the Ninja Games?

An active, fun lifestyle ensures you keep you mind and body active, providing you with the energy to enjoy the things which mean most to you. A true ninja doesn’t let challenges stop them, which is which is why we have partnered with Movember to raise awareness for mens mental health. More then 50% of New Zealanders suffer from mental health issues at some point in their life, and we want to ensure the public overcome these hurdles or should we say… inflatable obstacles!

Its simple, get behind the ninja games and try something new, get active and support mens health. If you can grow a mo even better, and make sure you make your family proud!

What do I need?

All you need to do is buy a ticket! Waterbourne provides entrants with:

  • Paddle Boards

  • Paddles

  • Life Jackets

We encourage potential ninjas to get out on a paddle board before the event and practice balance, stamina and self control as these will each act as key elements to success! In order to be eligible to become a waterbourne ninja we encourage both males and females to grow moustaches (face fluff is welcome). Ninja must also be

  • 12 years +

  • Able to swim

Waterbourne Beach Safety.png

Secrets to the becoming a Waterbourne ninja

  1. Learn the paddle boarding ninja way

  2. Understand your morals, ideas and philosophies

  3. Train your mind and body

  4. Understand your equipment alongside its strengths and weaknesses

  5. Master self control

ninja games wellington.png