Why music is important at events!

Oct 24, 2019

We all experience music in our own personal ways. It has the ability to draw from our emotions, bringing people together whilst creating memories, connections and atmosphere. Music can be found in every culture around the world and has been seen as a massive driver in our cultural evolution, therefore it’s not surprising that there is music just about everywhere we go in today’s world.

Because of our close link to music and its ability to cement memories in our mind, music plays a very important part in the events and festivals we attend. The correct use of music creates memorable experiences for the attendees of the event, which in turn creates a positive reputation and future opportunity for organic growth. 

Music has proven to have many positive effects for us such as increasing our happiness. This is due to the strong emotional connections and memories we are able to link with certain music. Music is also strongly linked to athletes and their performance. This ranges from aspects such as extreme focus, to aspects of motivation, both in hand pushing athletes past their limits in order to draw out the best from within themselves. This holds true within the world of water sports where music is ingrained into the culture in multiple facets and with Waterbourne holding an importance in celebrating these athletes and sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding, Waterbourne supports this culture.

Waterbourne prides itself as a place to try various water sports or watch friends participate, from fun packed Ninja Paddle games to the various lessons on offer, Waterbourne focuses on bringing people together to create strong memories and to create an all-inclusive environment while also watching the best from New Zealand and the world. Waterbourne also features live music nights as a part of the beach festival. These nights focus on complimenting the culture that is unique to Waterbourne while providing a genuine atmosphere that can not be found in any other beach festival. 

For all events and festivals, creating the correct atmosphere is of great importance and creating this atmosphere largely anchors on the music aspect of the event. Beach culture is a massive part of New Zealand as we are an island nation where a beach is never too far away. A part of beach culture is music, largely due to its ability to provoke strong emotions and memories.

Being New Zealand’s Premium Beach Festival, Waterbourne has music deeply integrated into its experience helping amplify the beach culture that is synonymous with Waterbourne.

Integrating various aspects of beach culture, Waterbourne provides live performances, showcasing the best that New Zealand and the world has to offer. Including live music from local Maori artist alongside live authentic Maori cultural performances in addition to an amazing international line up, Waterborune not only puts itself up there as a premium water sports event but as your all-inclusive premium beach festival location.