Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I purchase a ticket to a music night?

    To purchase tickets please click here.

  • How can I watch the sports?

    The sports can be watched from Takapuna beach. There will also be the rooftop bar which guests can relax on and watch the water sports.

    We also have a bunch of other fun things lined up that you can enjoy while watching the sports from the reserve. For the full calendar of event check click here.

  • How to bus to Waterbourne?

    Please follow the link below to the AT website where you can plan out your route to Waterbourne at Takapuna beach. Our event map also shows the best bus stop to get off at in the middle of Takapuna Town.

  • How much does the event cost?

    There will be 4 ticketed events that will range in cost according to your tickets and availability. There will also be 7 free music events.

Changes to Waterbourne

  • Why is there changes happenings?

    Waterbourne has been working closely with advisors to ensure we operate within the current restrictions, which means we have condensed our program. Waterbourne will still be happening provided we have the ability to operate safe

  • When is the new opening day?

    Waterbourne will no longer be having an opening day. With the current restrictions and uncertainty in alert levels, we want to ensure Waterbourne is a safe place where people can have fun and we cannot currently do that safely. We will be having sporting events still and some activations at a later date. These include:

    • Earth’s Kitchen Run for a Cleaner Coastline: Postponed to March 13th
    • Oceanbridge Beach Clean Ups: All three cleanups will be on March 20th at 9:00 am
    • Tip Top Paddle Ninja Games: Will still be held on March 20th
    • Popsicle Sandcastle Competition: Postponed to March 20th
  • What if I purchased a ticket for one of the music days?

    If you purchased a ticket to one of our ticketed music days you can either receive a refund for your ticket (excluding booking fees) or keep your ticket as we are looking to hold the music events at a later date where we are working on a new venue. Current tickets will be valid for the rescheduled music events.

    Please fill out the form here and someone will be in contact soon regarding your refund.


Music nights

  • How can I attend a free music night?

    To attend a free music night please register. This however does not guarantee you a place in the venue and will be based on capacity. Guest who register however will have first priority.

  • Can I bring my own food and drink?

    You may bring your own drinking bottle and anything that is required for babies/small children. Do not bring alcohol where bags will be searched before entering the venue in accordance with liquor licensing requirements.

    Food can be brought in from outside the venue, where food is also available to be purchased onsite.

  • Can I purchase food and drink?

    There will be food and drink available from food trucks and the bar. Please note that ID will be required and we will not serve alcohol to minors or anyone who is heavily intoxicated.

  • Can I send my kid/s to the event alone?

    Kids 14+ can attend alone. Anyone under the age of 14 will require adult (18+) supervision.

  • Where can I stay?

    Unfortunately you are not able to stay at Waterbourne as it is closed overnight. However there are many local hotels and motels available inlcuding:

    1. Spencer Byron Hotel
    2. Takapuna Motor Lodge
    3. Takapuna Beach Holiday Park (camping)
  • What happens if it rains?

    Feel free to pack raincoats/ponchos, however for safety reasons umbrellas will not be permitted. Waterbourne will continue if it rains but if the weather gets increasingly worse the music night will be canceled.

Movie nights

  • What can I bring to the movies?

    Drinking bottles, small mats or blankets for sitting on, small bags for essential items (please be prepared to have you bag checked upon entry).

  • What do I need to bring to the movies?

    You can bring small mats or blankets for sitting on. Please refrain from bringing seating as this will block the view for others. You may bring drinking water bottles but you cannot bring in drinks from outside the venue. There will also be food and drink available for purchase on site.

  • What happens if it rains during the movies?

    Feel free to pack raincoats/ponchos, however for safety reasons umbrellas will not be permitted. Movies will continue if it rains but if the weather gets increasingly worse the movie will be cancelled.

  • What movies are playing?

    The movies that we will be playing have not been released yet, check back on the movies page when we announce what will be playing. For a full list of movies being played checkout the movies page.

  • Where can I park my car?

    Please refer to our map.

  • Who can attend the movies?

    All ages can attend the movie sessions at Waterbourne, where we recommend registering beforehand. By registering you do not guarantee a place, however we will keep you updated on everything happening. To confirm a one of the limited reserved spaces, you will need to purchase a food package.

    Please ensure that under 14’s have adult supervision, this means a parent, guardian, sibling or friend who is 18 or older.


  • When are the movies?

    The movies will be played on different weekdays those being Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays Night at 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm. For more information check out the movie page.

Water Sports

  • What water safety is being provided?

    Waterbourne will be working with Takapuna Boating, Surf Life Saving (on the beach) and our own event personnel to ensure everyone is safe in the water.

  • When are the sports being held?

    There is a range of sports where below is a summary

    1. Windsurfing championships are being held on Saturday 27th February and Sunday 28th February.
    2. Auckland Kitefoiling Championships are being held on Saturday 27th February and Sunday 28th February.
    3. NZ Paddle Boarding Championships are being held on Friday 12th and Sunday 14th of February.

    For a full calendar of all event click here.

  • How much do different sports cost?

    The pricing for each sport varies, all pricing options are posted on the available pages.

  • Which sports are free?

    Learn to SUP standard lessons, learn to paddle ski, and have a go sail are all available for free.

  • How do I book a lesson?

    To book a lesson please register for the relevant lesson. All lessons you must book beforehand and they cannot be transferred.

  • What lessons are available?

    Learn to SUP, learn to paddle ski, and have a go sail are all available. The beginner level lessons are free, but more advanced lessons will have a small fee.

  • Are there age restrictions?

    For the lessons, it is ideal that the participant knows how to swim and is comfortable swimming in the sea. So the minimum age is 10 with adult supervision.

  • What transport is available?

    Click here to see a bus timetable. Otherwise there is parking available for those who wish to drive and there will be easy access to the beach for those who wish to travel via uber or taxi services.

    To view our map with bus stops and parking locations click here.

  • What is the prize for Paddle Ninja Games?

    There will be up to 1years supply of Tip Top Ice Cream up for grabs!

  • What else is on?

    For a full list of all the events we have happening, check out the event calendar.


Beach Run & Walk

  • Can kids run alone?

    Kids under the age of 14 should have adult supervision (18+)

  • What to do if I lose someone/my kids?

    If you happen to lose someone on the run please visit the information box at the front of the reserve and staff will help locate the missing person. Please follow the signs provided to locate this and check it out on the map.

  • What to do when you need medical assistance?

    If you need any medical assistance we will have medics onsite at all times. Please follow the signs provided to locate this and check it out on the map.

Oceanbridge Beach Clean Ups