Providing an experience for all the Whānau.

Waterbourne promotes ongoing consideration and awareness of patrons with a disability and accessibility needs. Waterbourne’s accessibility and inclusion program assists in meeting the diverse and inclusive needs of its patrons. 

To ensure our guests at Waterbourne can access different activations, we have provided a guide for how we are catering for different needs. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below.

Wheelchair accessibility

Waterbourne wants to ensure that everyone is able to attend the event and have a good time. We have made sure the event is wheelchair accessible, so we have a wheelchair accessible entry point for those needing it. We also have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms in the site area. There is also parking close to the event for those who need it. If traveling by public transport the AT buses are also wheelchair accessible with the ability to meet the curb, or have wheelchair ramps fitted to allow easy access for wheelchair users. The rooftop bar will also be wheelchair accessible in the back corner, if you wish to attend the rooftop bar you will need to book the area.

Families & Toddlers

  • Changing rooms available
  • Some events will have alcohol available, and loud music. These events may not be suitable for children under the age of 18.

Beach Access and activities

There are two ramps situated on site leading to the beach, one is by the boat ramp and the other is in the middle of the event site. 

The fun run also has an accessibility race with a shorter distance of 2km for those who want to take part.

If you have any accessibility requirements or questions and are wishing to attend the Waterbourne festival, we ask that you fill out the form below.

Vision Impaired

For those that are vision impaired, we will have appropriate signage that is easy to read.

For the movie nights, we will be making sure everyone is able to attend and will be having subtitles on the movies so everyone can enjoy the night.

Guide dogs are allowed on site.

Waterbourne is working towards having companion cards at the event, and we will have more updates closer to the time about this. 

Below is a sitemap which is an alternative to our normal sitemaps.

Accessibility Questions