Water sport action sets the atmosphere for the vibrant beach entertainment, whilst spectators enjoy refreshing drinks and food as kiwi musicians perform each day.



What beats music on the beach? Waterbourne is the perfect combination of water sports, tasty tunes and your classic kiwi beach atmosphere. Get down and enjoy what is on offer in your local area.

Paddle Board Ninja Games 

Stand up for mental health with Movember and become a water ninja! Get all the information you need and register below.



With local goodness, Waterbourne is the place to be this summer. With iconic kiwi meals, you will want to find your spot on the beach and get one of everything.



Nothing beats having a thirst quenching drink at the beach as you enjoy what our coastline has to offer. Get down to the beach and enjoy some of our tasty drinks whilst enjoying great music and water sports.



Makes sure you get your tickets and guarantee your spot in New Zealands premier water sports festival. Whether you are a spectator, friend or competitor, make the most of the outdoors and come and enjoy what Wellington has to offer.

Sustainable beaches 

Whether you like it or not, our coastlines are under a lot of pressure due to pollution, and we want to grow awareness for these issues. Come down and join our team of volunteers as we ensure our beautiful New Zealand beaches are in world class condition.