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Eleveight Kites

When did you start kiteboarding? What made you want to learn?  

I always had a keen interest in kite flying, and remember the rush of getting pulled down the beach during sandstorms in South Africa when I was 8 years old.  I first got into kiteboarding when I was a teenager. I had read about the developing sport in magazines after moving to New Zealand. One day, I was looking out the window over Lyall Bay and saw the flick of a blue kite over the water, and knew that it was my chance to learn more. I ran down to the beach to meet the rider, and lucked out as that turned into a sponsorship from the local shop. From that day, I never looked back. 


What made you want to be involved with Waterbourne?

To me, this event excites me in terms of its location which offers both Northerly/North Westerly and South winds, and the multi-disciplinary sports available throughout the whole weekend. I feel it is just what Wellington needs for the windsurfing, kiting, and SUP community.

I am stoked to have the opportunity to sponsor this event, and hope I can have some good chats to people about the Eleveight gear, some of which will be available to try out on the day. 

Where is your favourite place to kite in Wellington? 

Lyall Bay can offer some excellent conditions if you can get the timing right. Strong winds, big waves, and smooth kickers are a winning combo. When it's on, it's as good as it gets! 


What was your highlight about Waterbourne in 2018? 

Hanging on for dear life on a small kiting going round Matiu island, I nearly lost my board too. I enjoyed watching talented riders coming together to demonstrate their skills.

I also thought it provided a safe and welcoming environment for people of all levels to compete and have fun. 

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