DAY 1 - 200m Sprints & Paddle for Hope

Event organiser Laurence Carey has set a foundation for water sports athletes to join together at one event and celebrate their beloved sports. With a diverse range of ages, Waterbourne brings together three key extreme water sports, windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding where each day the variety of conditions mean participants and spectators can make the most of the conditions.

On the opening day of the event, Carey was excited to see more the eighty participants taking part in the Paddle for Hope, where this was the first time the Paddle for Hope had been run in Wellington. The Paddle for Hope has raised more than $350,000 for cancer rehabilitation since 2011, growing awareness for the positive effects an active lifestyle has on your mind and body.

With so much beach activity, the top pacific athletes took to the water to win the 200m sprints. Trevor Tunnington took control from the outset as he demonstrated why he is one of the fastest paddle boarders in the world with a record time of 59seconds. The following competitors were very close with only seconds between them where only one second separated Luke Holiday, Helen Blair and Victoria Stewart.

Once all competitors had finished the races, the top athletes took part in a foil exhibition. Foiling is a new element to extreme water sports, allowing for water sport lovers to get the most out of every season, no matter the conditions. With high octane speed and excitement, the crowd watched in ore as the future of water sport was demonstrated.

SUP foiling

New World Record - 32seconds!

There is something simply tranquil about foiling, where Tunnigton showed the true potential of this new sport. With all eyes on the water, Tunnington broke the world record completing a 200m sprint in just 32seconds!

Once all the fun racing had finished, the beach party started. With tasty tunes and thirst quenching drinks, there was no reason to leave Bishop Park. 

Laurence Carey