Multi-WaterSport Legend - Armie Armstrong


Armie Armstrong

New Zealand foiling expert

What made you learn to paddle board and transition into foiling?

I learnt to SUP to recover from a near death tropical infection and got right into it, becoming NZs top male SUP athlete in NZ for a time. (Annabel Anderson is actually the top NZ international SUP athlete). I got into foiling through kitesurfing at the beginning, and became frustrated with all the gear breaking so decided to make better equipment.

Favourite thing about Waterbourne?

The wind on the day was awesome and I wish it was stronger and started blowing earlier than at the start of the kite and windsurf race.

As a multi-sport legend, what is your favourite thing about windsurfing and kitesurfing?

They are awesome sports cause they are fast, fun and dynamic, and they connect you to the energy of the natural world. Especially with a foil, as this turns these into proper sailing sports and you can navigate for long distances around lakes, harbours and oceans at will.

What were the highlights and challenges of doing the Ocean Clash on a foil?

Highlight was down winding in epic conditions on the foil when the winds came up. The challenge was the large flat water area in the lee of the island on a very small foil board.

How long have you been building foils for?

6 years

What is the best way to get into foilboarding?

The easiest way is to go see the guys at the Ozone Lifestyle Store. in Raglan. Take a lesson with a big board and a short mast and you'll be up and riding in no time.

How do you decide when to foil or use a normal paddle board?

Foiling can be used on any board not just a paddle board. Basically whenever you get in the water is the right time to be on a foil.