Windsurfing Lessons Wellington - Bruce Kendall


Bruce & Barbara Kendall

New Zealand Olympic Gold Medalists

Wellington is renowned for its ideal wind and waves, providing great conditions for wind and water lovers. Olympic gold medalist Bruce Kendall will be coming to Waterbourne to provide free lessons and advice for how to best get into windsurfing.

Waterbourne takes place over three days (March 8-10th) where there is water action each day alongside the CentrePort Beach Clean Up and Beach Party. We caught up with Bruce before the weekend to discuss what he has been up to.

What has been your highlight being involved with windsurfing?

Being part of the innovation, traveling the world & getting to know so many interesting people & places. Wave sailing for a few months on Maui was a highlight and will be something I will always cherish.


What have you been doing since stopping competing at the Olympics?

Ive been coaching windsurfing & catamarans mostly, but involved in many aspects of the sport. I took on Kite boarding for a few years & did an Olympic catamaran program and sailed with Aaron McIntosh, Brett Sellers & Blair Tuke.

My current favourite water sport currently is surfing. 

Why have you decided to get involved with Waterbourne?

I like that there is a water sports event that includes the promotion of windsurfing. It is great to have music too, as it encourages everyone to enjoy the culture of the water sports.

What will you be doing at Waterbourne?

Im offering to teach people to windsurf on The Glide & possibly help set marks with the Lay Line Coach Boat I have just designed.


What is the background of the Glide? What is so special about this board?

Peina Chen, 2016 Olympic Silver windsurfing medalist from China asked me to design & build a board for the learn to windsurf / learn to race market in China.

I asked the top windsurf schools for the length & width and then using those measurements designed the fastest & most easy to sail board possible. I am very happy with the results which has really enabled a lot of people to try the sport at an affordable price.

It is also a good learner SUP, very stable and user friendly for someone wanting a versatile board.

Laurence Carey