The history of NZ Boardstore - Brian Smith


NZ Boardstore

When did you first get involved with Water Sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding?

Started windsurfing in 1982, so you can imagine the changes I have seen. Also, pretty sad that i think my sailing skill has been going backwards for 20 years!

I tried kiting first in 2000, hated it, scared me silly, however in about 2005 kites got way better and started doing a little and enjoying it. Its now what I do the most, as my son is fully into it and its just so easy to travel with the gear. SUP wise it was 2006 and I remember people looking at us so funny, but it totally changed my lifestyle and also business direction, and along the way has reignited my passion for surfing.

Why are you supporting Waterbourne?

Waterbourne brings the fusion of all the sports I live for, as well of course how I afford to eat. Anything that promotes the sports and all the well being associated with them deserves support. The term 'Waterman' is used a lot and that's the spirit it brings 


What are your 3 favourite things about Waterbourne?

Catching up with like minded people from all over NZ , the great party, and seeing the emerging talent NZ has to offer

Where do you sell your water sports gear in New Zealand?

The shop is Akl based but our website services the whole country and we support riders everywhere.

What excites you most at the moment?

Hard to go past foiling - Whether its windsurf/kite/sup/surf. Just opens up new dimensions that i think has bought back huge enthusiasm from fringe riders. I have my windsurf foiling fairly sorted and got all the kite gear ready to roll, but i'm leaving the Sup/surf stuff for now. Having a month of epic waves has also really got the surf juices flowing again.


How long have you owned NZ Boardstore and whats changed since you first owned/started it?

Over 25 years now - Not sure where that time went?, Windsurfing was the only component of the business at the start, and the sport was big, but quickly shrunk when kiting started, so we obviously followed expanding into kiting, the SUP - We now have a huge range of all the gear ex stock, and we have never forgotten our roots, unlike most of our competition.

The internet sure has enabled massive growth for NZ Boardstore, and importing major brands like Starboard and Severne makes it possible to actually earn a living and have a lifestyle, although at times working huge hours, but thats retail!

What was your highlight from supporting Movember this year?

Mate, did you see the slug I grew? - Scared small children and adults alike. Every morning when i looked in the mirror it was horrific - longest month of my life.

But, did start conversations and I guess that's the whole point - I'm pretty sure I missed my calling as an 80's porn star!!

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