William Novak - The Young Local Legend


William Novak

Ocean Clash Champion

What is your involvement with Windsurfing in NZ?

My main focus is wave sailing around Wellington but on the side I do a bit of flat water freestyle and racing. If there is wind or waves around I’ll be out doing something.

What was your highlight of the Ocean Clash?

I have always wanted to race in a long distance downwind competition and to come away with 1st place was a bonus. The 45 knots of wind made it ideal for cranking downwind!


Where are your favourite spots to Windsurf in Wellington?

The number 1 spot for me would have to be Lyall Bay. It’s an exposed beach break in the heart of Wellington that produces large cross onshore conditions ideal for big jumps and frontside hits. The beach can also switch into a Taranaki style cross offshore wave. 

Plimmerton is probably the most popular wave spot in Wellington. A good day on the water can see more than 30 people out at once. The rides are often long as the wave reforms multiple places along the sand bar and the beach is a great place to hang out after a session. 

Waterbourne is held at Eastbourne which is a popular freeride spot close to the city. Many successful racing events have taken place here. It is one of the most consistent sailing locations around the harbour as it faces north west which is Wellingtons prevailing wind direction.


What events have you entered before Waterbourne? 

NZ wave nationals, freestyle nationals and some local racing events. 

What was your main memory for Waterbourne 2018?

Hanging out at the event village and watching other disciplines. 

Watching the Westpac Helicopter plucking jaffas out of the harbour was also a sight to see. 

How long have you been windsurfing?

Just passed 9 Years!

Other than Windsurfing, what do you do with your spare time? 

Skiing would have to be my other main passion. I am currently spending my summer over in Canada skiing for 3 months then I’m heading back to NZ for my last year of study in Dunedin. 

Have you ever supported Movember before?

Not yet!

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