Ocean Clash on a Foil! - Trevor Tunnington


Trevor Tunnington

Ocean Clash Winner & Foiling Guru

Favourite thing about Waterbourne?

My favourite thing about Waterbourne was meeting new people from a variety of sports. It was great to incorporate many similar sports into one competition and I think we all earns a new appreciation for what we each do!

What was the highlight of doing the Ocean Clash on a foil?

The highlights for me was the wind while being on a SUP Foil. For us, the more wind the better! And when we had those crazy gusts kicking in I had more and more fun. The challenges for me was the course. There was very windy parts, side wind and no wind in areas. I’m used to going straight downwind so a technical distance like that made things very interesting. 


What made you learn to paddle board?

I first picked up paddle boarding back in 2010 when we decided to go as a family for a lesson for something different. Paddle boarding for me opened my eyes to every aspect of water and I’ve enjoyed racing, surfing, foiling on paddle boards since then. 

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Did you expect to do the 200m sprint so fast on a foil?

When I did the 200m sprint on a foil I initially did it as a bit of a lighthearted joke. I didn’t think I’d be able to foil that far without stopping in pure flat water! But wow I was amazed how much faster it was than a race board. We constantly look for ways to improve speeds on our race boards but the foil smashed it! 

Favourite thing about foil paddle boarding?

My favourite thing about Foiling on a Paddleboard is that you’re not limited to certain conditions. If it’s windy I can downwind, if it’s high tide and small waves I can still surf and if I want to do a sprint race I’ll beat my own PBs haha. My favourite aspect of the sport is the surfing though. Surfing a foil is fast, exciting and smooth!


Is it true you are stopping the Professional Paddle Boarding Tour?

I have recently opened a new door in my career. For four years I have been racing full time/professionally around the world and have loved every minute of it! This year I want to keep on this path but my passion Film and Media has landed me a job with the Paddle League world tour. I am currently heading for Geneva on my first assignment... I am running the live stream for the Gla Gla race and we will be following the action alongside 600+ Paddlers as they race in the freezing European waters. We have many other trips planned this year and I can’t wait to kick things off!

Have you supported Movember before?

I haven’t done Movember before actually. It takes a fair while for the Mo to come out with me! Maybe I need to try some kind of Moustache oil or something! 

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