CentrePort Wellington Beach Clean Up

Here in New Zealand, we’re lucky to be able to say that we’re home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With the rising issue of plastic pollution sitting high on the environmental agenda, however, it’s vital that we start playing a more proactive role in keeping our coastlines and waterways clear of such harmful waste. Aside from being an absolute eye-sore, plastic contamination also poses a serious threat to our defenceless marine life who are ultimately left to suffer at the hands of humankind’s negligence. 

Beach -Clean-Up-Wellington

As a prominent player in New Zealand’s water sports industry, Waterbourne is passionate about protecting our waterways. On Sunday the 10th of March, 2019, Waterbourne will be hosting a beach clean up along Eastbourne’s coastline and Matiu Somes Island in conjunction with CentrePort Wellington and Sustainable Coastlines. The beach clean up is complemented by an educational component, as volunteers work to inform the public about the positive environmental impacts of reducing plastic waste.

With an established role in the import and export supply chain, CentrePort Wellington recognises the importance of preserving our environment so that future generations are able to enjoy it just as we have. Sustainable Coastlines, the non-profit enabling people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love, share a similar vision, with a focus on providing long-term, sustainable solutions. Keeping Wellington’s beaches as clean and pristine as possible is a crucial part of that collective effort.

Getting involved in the beach clean up is all too easy. Registration is free, however, any donations received will go to directly to Sustainable Coastlines so they can continue doing great work for our coastlines and waterways. As far as getting to Matiu Somes Island is concerned, our partner East by West Ferries will be providing transportation services for all volunteers. So, with all that said and done, why not get stuck in and join us for Wellington’s most unique beach clean up? Don’t wait for change; be a part of it!