Move for Movember


The month of November, or ‘Movember’ as it has become widely known as, is dedicated to shedding a light on men’s health. While prostate and testicular cancer are two of the physical health issues that the leading charity for men’s health, the Movember Foundation, considers as part of their overall cause, the importance of mental health is also an area of growing concern…

So get on board and move 60km for mens health! 

Statistically speaking, one in every two Kiwis will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lives. Perhaps even more striking is the fact that three out of four suicides are men, suggesting that even in today’s increasingly progressive society, a stigma surrounding men’s ability to talk about their emotions openly still lingers. 


Throughout history, boys have been encouraged to be ‘masculine’ which, by traditional definitions, argues that they should present themselves as physically strong and mentally stoic, rather than learning to develop characteristics such as empathy, sensitivity, and indeed, be in tune with their emotions. Such societal expectations have dictated what constitutes a ‘real man’ and unfortunately, physical attributes tend to preside over emotional ones.

The ‘toughen up’ attitude has also been engrained into the impressionable minds of young men over time, so much so that many are now unsettled by the idea of talking about their feelings, as it seems somewhat taboo. Although these attitudes are changing, the aforementioned statistics about mental health suggest that men generally still struggle to discuss their emotions, even amongst trusted family and friends. 


Move for Movember

In an effort to shake the stigma, Waterbourne is getting behind Movember to raise awareness about men’s mental health. For the month of November we will be raising funds through our team page where we ask our amazing water sport lovers to either grow a moustache or move for Movember.

All you need to do is

  1. Join the Waterbourne Team

  2. Move a total of 60km in the month of November - windsurf, kitesurf, paddleboard or even run and swim!

  3. Share the link and raise awareness for why you are getting active this Movember

The Paddle Board Ninja Games

The obstacle-ridden paddle boarding course is designed to test one’s ‘ninja’ skills, from physical stamina to mental agility, and everything else in between. For every participant in the Ninja Games, Waterbourne will be donating $5 to the Movember Foundation in support of the charity and what it stands for.

So, what does it take to become a Waterbourne Ninja? While mastering the physical art of balance and control is key to successfully maneuvering your way around the paddle boarding course, understanding the value of your mental strength will be paramount in getting you over the finish line.

Waterbourne will be providing all the required gear, including life jackets — water safety is essential after all! Although donning a moustache is optional, Waterbourne encourages any face fluff, whether you’ve got a full-blown lip ticker or just a bit of peach fuzz. So long as you’re over the age of 12 and you can swim confidently, you’re good to go!

Stay tuned for more information around how to get involved for the ninja games!