Movember and an Active Lifestyle - Men's Health

With Movember over we decided to have a chat with Rob Dunne and Jay Reeve around what is going on in New Zealand with Movember.


Robert Dunne

Changing the Face of Men’s Health

What made you get involved with Movember? How long have you been involved?

I first helped and volunteered with Movember while living in the UK on my OE, it was about rolling up the sleeves and helping out a great organisation but also a huge amount of Fun. A few years later the opportunity to manage the Movember NZ campaign and have now been in that role for coming up 8 years, it is a role I enjoy, is hugely satisfying and continues to challenge me every year 

What is your goal for Movember in New Zealand?

So many but for the Moustache and Movember, to be the one of most significant organisation changing men’s behaviour for the better in New Zealand.

What made Movember feel like Waterbourne would be a good partner?

Movember is a non-traditional charity and at the core of everything we do is fun. Waterbourne and activities within the event like the ninja games are a huge amount of fun and these are the types of partnerships we look for at Movember. Also we know that being physically active is one of the best preventive tools available to men for all of the causes that we support, being physically active is at the core of what Waterboune is all about so it was a great fit. 

How do you see an active lifestyle benefiting men's mental health?

I see it as a key element in substantially improving the health of men in NZ and around the world. Because being active comes in so many variations that if we look we can find something that we like, that we can do individually or with others, and whether it is long or short, high intensity or low intensity it helps, a lot!

What is your connection with prostate cancer & mental health?

Like a lot of kiwis I get a seriously genuine buzz out of providing platforms for kiwi men to have fun and be proactive about their health. I lost my grandfather in his early 50’s to cancer and it has taken me many years after this happened to realise that that was far too young. He wasn’t proactive about his own health and never saw the important parts of life that he had worked so hard to get to like my 21st, my wedding and seeing by children grow up. I also have been close to some young men take their own lives who I basically saw as carbon copies of myself as a younger person, these are tragedies and just flat out shouldn’t happen. 


Jay Reeves

“I've always been a big believer in salt water therapy and connectivity. I feel more comfortable in the ocean”

Where did the Ray Reeve story start?

As an outspoken, fun-loving former radio host and MTV VJ, Jay has always followed gut where he has now living in his home town Tauranga. As a passionate surfer and waterman, Jay Reeves infectous attitude brings rooms to tears of laughter as he shares wild stories.

Jays road to success was staying focused and having the belief to do what made him happy, acting to please friends, family and most importantly himself. Jays infamous grin has landed him ongoing work with MTV including commentating the Hyundai Pro Longboard Tour.

What makes Jay Reeve happy?

Lifestyle! Jay is happiest when moving, traveling and spending time with his family and friends. As a fun loving, “kiwi bloke”, Jay constantly lives for the day and works hard to demonstrate you can live an unconventional life and bring happiness to yourself and friends.

I want to pass on more than the traditional house to my boys: a desire to live life

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