New Zealand windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding spot guide

New Zealand offers 1000’s of kilometers of coastline, making it a dream location for windsurfers, kiters and Stand- Up Paddlers. Trying to describe each individual spot would be a life’s work so we have broken it down into the main centers – highlighting a couple of the iconic spots and the big events.


With the two coasts less than an hour’s drive away, Auckland has a huge variety of locations to choose from. In one day you can enjoy flat water, ocean swells and beach breaks, making Auckland a popular destination for water sport lovers.


Point Chevalier

Pt Chev, Point Shit, Oyster Fields

Get visions of Tahiti out of your head, Point Chev offers up a soupy brown water at low tide and a bed of oysters to jump over – however what it lacks in water quality, it makes up for in proximity to the city and exposure to the prevailing westerlies in all tides.

Safe for beginners and not tide dependant, many a journey has started here. With both windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding events located in Pt Chev, this is a go to as it offers daily potential!


Taka, A Shore Thing

Takapuna is an Aucklanders favourite for windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding! As Takapuna is north east facing, it is ideal for offshore paddle boarding most days. When conditions allow, the harbour is full of windsurfers, kitesurfers and foilers as they make the most of the Northerly winds and rolling swells.

Although it does not get the prevailing SW, anything with easterly or a bit of North in the wind is ideal, so make sure you checkout the beach and nightlife when you are next in auckland.


The Muzz, Mud Bay

Muriwai is pretty intimidating at times and doesn’t suit beginners, but the although its massive out the back, if you stick to the inside (which is advisable) reforms offer some ramps for boosting or to slash away at with a surfboard.

Kitesurfing-Big-Air-Event-New Zealand

Auckland Events


The Starship charity big air event is one of New Zealands biggest kitesurfing events with a huge turnout each year. Held when the winds are ideal for Muriwai, people go massive, with kiters of all levels making the most of the ideal ramps.

Auckland also hosts a range of kite racing events, including foiling and twin tip. With weekly racing at Takapuna, there is always something get involved with so whether you are a beginner or shredding daily, Auckland has the action every summer.


The Auckland Windsurfing Association runs a slalom racing series at various spots around the city with their biggest event at Pt Chev, Bayswater, Kohimarama and Manly Beach.

Foil racing is starting to build momentum, with plenty of events popping up around the country, where there is weekly summer racing from Takapuna and Wakatere Yacht Club.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

There is heaps of racing to choose from with the weeknight Beach Series held at Takapuna and Orewa Beach, alongside the Mission Bay Surf Series.

Auckland also hosts segments of the National Paddle Boarding Championships which change location each year depending on what locations.


The Tron, Auckland’s little brother

Hamilton is not known as at hot spot for ocean based activities, however, locations only a short drive away mean locals have access to some beautiful locations!


The world famous Raglan is only a leisurely 45 mins drive and hosts the Raglan Kite Jam! Although a surprise to many international riders, this is not a New Zealand breakfast spread, but in fact a kitesurfing event.

With huge numbers of competitors, this is an event on the New Zealand kitesurfing calendar you cannot miss!



Taranaki is also the best place in the world for cross-off waves! If you are a hardcore windsurfer or surfer, then this is one stop you want to add to your New Zealand road trip.

The Taranaki Wave Classic is one of the best windsurfing events in the country, where the ideal conditions are only a small part of why people go to this social event. Hosted during Labour weekend each year, the weekend away is worth every minute as the final beach party is hosted on Sunday night.



Windiest city in New Zealand

While Wellington is known as one of the windiest cities in the world, it is also one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the country! There is a variety of conditions available from barrelling waves to glass flat water within 30minutes of each other.

Lyall Bay

Close to the city and facing down the barrell of the fearsome southerlies and huge southern ocean swells, Lyall Bay is a locals favourite! Whether it’s a beautiful day or 50knot southerly, if you love waves then make the most of Wellington Cities most infamous break.


The place you dream about for years and think doesn’t exist. Positioned just 30minutes from Wellington city, you can make the most of ideal conditions with all of your favourite water sports, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Eastbourne provides the ideal conditions to enjoy flat water paddle boarding, and a range of windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions from Wellingtons prevailing wind directions.



The only event in New Zealand that brings windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding athletes together. Waterbourne brings a social atmosphere to your favourite water sports, ensuring the water action continues into the night with international musicians and great beer.

The influx of athletes from New Zealand and overseas, makes for a beach culture to remember as lifelong stories are created.


Plimmi, Plimmdog

The jumping destination of New Zealand, with ramps from all directions, Plimmerton is a favourite for all kitesurfers and windsurfers.


The city on the rebuild, has created a wave of growth in the water sport locations in the south island. With so much land movement, new locations have been created whilst local favourites have evolved for better and worse…

Sumner Beach

It’s one of the places that you cant help but love. Whether it is a wild cold winters day or a gorgeous summer afternoon, there is always something to enjoy at Sumner. Public fill the beach as they admire local hero’s enjoying the waves on offer.

Laurence Carey