Don't wait for change…

As a leader in the water sports industry, it is our responsibility to ensure we allow future generations to enjoy New Zealands beautiful coastlines. With growing levels of water pollution, join our hard working Wellington volunteers, and ensure we leave our beaches cleaner then we found them.

Healthy waters and an active lifestyles provide a foundation for success in the future. Waterbourne Wellington, strives hard to ensure the community can continue to enjoy our waters for generations to come. 

We love our New Zealand beaches as they provide us with the opportunity to relax, get fit, and enjoy the simple things in life. Our beach clean ups ensure that we motivate communities around New Zealand to roll up their sleeves and make a difference.


Alongside a clean up, our volunteers work on educating the public about how to reduce their plastic usage. Plastics harm on the environment is unbelievable, with micro-plastics causing unforseen levels of aquatic life deaths.

Be apart of the change and join us for Wellingtons most unique beach clean up!

We will Provide for Registed Participants:

  • Bags

  • Gloves

  • Rubbish Disposal

  • 1st Aid Trained Staff

  • Light refreshments and Water

  • Litter Transect Methodology

  • East by West Ferry Transport to Matiu Somes Island

What to bring:

  • Sturdy shoes (hiking boots are best)

  • Raincoat (essential) and warm clothes

  • Filled water bottle

  • Snacks

  • Hat

  • Dry top if you like (we might get rained on)



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