What's happening

We are hosting the Waterbourne Windsurfing and Windfoiling championships on the 27th and 28th of February on Takapuna Beach, Auckland. This is a competitive event for athletes who are wanting to race where registrations will be open from mid-October until the 25th of February. This event will be open for the public to watch where food and beverage will be available from our rooftop bar with clear views of the racing.

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How it Works

When entering to compete there are two entry options to choose from: Enter all races or enter the One hour classic only. If you choose to enter both, then this means you will get the opportunity to race in all disciplines including the One hour classic race as well as the Windward leward or Sprint Slalom races which will be chosen by the race coordinator on the day. If you choose to enter the One hour classic only you may use any board style/discipline of your choice on the day of racing including RS:X, Slalom, Foil, Race Board or whatever you feel best suited to the wind conditions. For the One Hour Classic. The race directors will plan to run this on the day with the highest wind speeds. 

How athletes will be ranked

There will be two titles to compete for at the Waterbourne Windsurfing and Windfoiling Championships. There will be an overall winner of the One hour classic race which is the athlete who completes the course in the fastest time. There will also be the overall winner and this title can only go to an athlete who has competed in both categories and placed with the fastest times.

What does open class mean?

Open class refers to the discipline/ equipment you use to race with which could include but is not limited to the following; Formula, course racing, wave equipment, windfoiling equipment and slalom gear.

What to do after the races

Join us for high-quality food and beverage at our rooftop bar where you can relax and celebrate a big day of successful racing. The Windsurf races are just the beginning and kickstart the epic 3 weeks of beach festival activities waterbourne has on offer. Check out our full event calendar