Tip Top Paddle Ninja Games

Are you the next Paddle Ninja?

This is the opportunity to take part in paddleboarding with a twist. We’ve all seen extreme sports shows and obstacle courses on t.v and now Waterbourne is bringing the challenge to you. Do you think you have the speed to win? The balance to stay on your board? The agility to conquer the obstacles? Finish, flop or fail this challenge provides entertainment for those participating and those watching. Taking place at Takapuna beach on Friday 12th March, where equipment will be provided for anyone who wants to try their luck.

Celebrity Ninja Games

We are bringing together famous athletes, politicians and influencers to compete in our Paddle Ninja Games. Only the fastest times will qualify for the finals and only one person will take the title of 2021 Waterbourne Paddle Ninja! Come support your favourite famous kiwis or come to laugh at the slips and splashes that could happen to any of our competitors. Enjoy the beach this Summer with Tip Top ice cream, food, live music and live and unique sporting on the water. 

To find out who will be competing and qualifying watch this space and follow our social media accounts.

One Tip Top ice cream for every entrant!

We are excited to have some amazing prizes up for grabs where Tip Top will have some additional prizes for winners. During the Tip Top Ninja Games, all entrants will receive one ice cream, and winners will win up to 3months of ice cream! Below are the prizes for the Tip Top Paddle Ninja Games;

  • First Man (3months)
  • First Woman (3months)
  • First U18 (1month)

Water Safety at Waterbourne

Although Tip Top and Waterbourne will not be liable for any injuries, Waterbourne will have the best possible water safety in place to ensure all entrants are safe when competing.

Waterbourne is proud to have Water Safety New Zealand as a partner, where we will be working with Surf Life Saving NZ and Drowning Prevention Auckland to ensure we have the best on water safety possible. If you would like to be apart of one of our water safety courses please let us know.