Paddle Boarding

New Zealand Paddle Boarding Nationals

Auckland’s beautiful Waitemata Harbour is the home of paddle boarding in New Zealand. 

This section of our event involves a challenging competition between athletes in the New Zealand Paddle Boarding Nationals. It focuses on the sport but there are many opportunities for the public to get involved physically as well. So whether you enjoy watching sport or taking part, there’s something here for everyone.

If you are here to compete, Waterbourne will host three categories; Sprint, Distance, and Technical Championships. Take part in one category or why not all three! Epic races will take place between athletes to win. 

The race notice and schedules can be found below.

Notice of Race Schedules

Sprint Championships

This is a high intensity 200m race taking place close to the shoreline of Takapuna Beach, Auckland. Taking place on Friday the 12th of March with racing kicking off at 3.15pm.

Distance Championships

The distance race has three courses, the 4km, the 8km race, and the 16km race. The event will be taking place off of Takapuna beach with racing starting at 9.30 am on Saturday the 13th of March. To register as a competing athlete you must have some paddleboarding experience and water confidence.

Technical Championships

Put your speed and steering skills to the test with the technical racing at Takapuna beach. Taking place on Sunday the 14th of March with racing kicking off at 9.30am.

Tip Top Paddle Ninja Games

The top 30 men and the top 30 women from the NZ SUP Sprint Nationals will be moving on to compete in our Paddle Ninja Games. This is an all in race where men and women will be competing against each other on our inflatable course. The event will consist of 10 heats made up of 6 athletes. The top two from each heat will qualify for the quarter-finals and numbers will continue to drop until there is only one left standing. The final race will consist of our top 20 athletes joining us again but this time to compete with 22 celebrities in the mix!

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3 months of free Tip Top ice cream!

Thanks to our amazing partners at Tip Top, there is 3 months worth of ice cream up for grabs during the paddle ninja games. All you need to do is be the top male, female or youth racer... 

If you are unsure, give it a try as from our experience, its surprising who does well through this pinnacle paddle boarding challenge.

Learn to Paddleboard

We have free lessons available on Saturday and Sunday for anyone who is registered, alongside some more advanced and corporate options. This is an awesome opportunity to learn a new water sport or build up your paddleboarding confidence

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Types of lessons available

Each lesson will be made up of 8 people and run for 15 minutes of land and 45 minutes on the water. There are 5 different types of classes you can participate in. Watch your paddling and fitness improve. Spending time on the water is the only way to get better at paddling. How you spend that time is important though. Water classes combine intervals that improve cardiovascular fitness with paddling drills for movement efficiency. The speed of the group and intensity of intervals is based on the client group in the class, so if in doubt please ask us if the class will work for you.

  1. Corporate Lessons- We also have corporate lessons available where you can host staff and clients at our event site. These are private lessons with professional paddleboarders who will push your team in a range of activities on the water.
  2. Yoga - Combining two peaceful activities into one rewarding experience. We will be hosting yoga out on the water every morning Monday to Friday and weekends. Focusing on balance, breathing and beauty. What a scenic way to do some unique exercise. 
  3. Paddle Fit Hit - Combine cardio, balance and strength building in one workout that's guaranteed to give you all the benefits of high intensity interval training.
    Think paddle sprints, shuttle runs, bear walks, tuck jumps burpees, and planks with progressions to suit all fitness levels. Your workout is programmed to build functional movement capability and if you're already a stand up paddler, SUP specific strength, skills and endurance.
    A great way to discover the total fitness benefits of stand up paddleboarding and get your HIIT outdoors.
  4. Beginner Class - Learn key safety tips for on the water and techniques to make paddle boarding a simple and enjoyable experience. In our beginner class you will learn how to use the equipment properly and stand on a paddleboard! This class is free and focuses on learning the paddleboarding basics but more importantly the safety elements. 
  5. Intermediate Class - The intermediate classes look at more technical skills such as turning, racing, types of strokes and more advanced touring. This is about building on your basic paddleboarding skills and going through exercises that will make you a stronger paddle boarder. 
  6. Foil Paddle Boarding - In conjunction with Yamaha we will be hosting lessons on how to foil. Lessons will include 15 minutes on land and 30 minutes in the water. All equipment will be provided. Take your paddleboarding to the next level.

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